Shimura Trouble

Shimura Trouble is the 10th book in the Rei Shimura series by Sujata Massey. Mysteries are my guilty pleasure reading and I especially love (ie, almost exclusively read) ones with strong female protagonists. Unsurprisingly they are also usually by female writers. I loved this series when it started because of the setting – much of the first books take place in Japan, but I have to say I think the series is losing steam. I still enjoyed this book, but not as much as previous ones and the cheesy writing that afflicts so many mysteries definitely showed through in this book. Now I’m trying to decide if I just didn’t notice it in previous books because I enjoyed their plots more, or if the writing has gone down hill… That said, I’m sure there will be another book in this series, and I will read it when it comes out.

Shimura Trouble

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