Unaccustomed Earth

Sometimes it feels like I am the only person left who hasn’t read something by Jhumpa Lahiri. Well, no more. Friday night I finished Lahiri’s latest, Unaccustomed Earth. I don’t generally read a lot of short stories, so it’s good that my book club picked this as its August selection to encourage me to give Lahiri a try.  I did like these stories about the experiences of fairly well-off Bengali immigrants to the United States, even if I found some of the themes repetitive. Lahiri is a beautiful writer and a joy to read, but her take on relationships was sometimes depressing. I guess I still like the occasional happy ending. Even without clean, clear, happy resolutions though, I expect I’ll be back for more.

Unaccustomed Earth

2 thoughts on “Unaccustomed Earth

  1. Margaret Lunter Harris says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Your Aunt Pam sent me your site. She and I worked together for years at Mount Vernon and at Jefferson. She was here last night and we talked briefly about Lahiri’s book which was, in fact, my book club’s choice for July. The 5 of us really liked it, especially for the development of characters and the descriptions of relationships. I, too, would like to have happy resolutions but I felt that this book so beautifully portrayed the REAL relationships in families and between people. They are all so complicated! I felt that Lahiri’s writing was almost poetic and that seemed to somehow make it easier to “digest” all the things happening to the characters.
    It is late (11pm) and I must get to bed. I’ll have to come back to your blog another time. I’m sure you have more interesting “stuff” here!


  2. cransell says:

    Hey, thanks for being my first commenter! Yes, Lahiri really is a beautiful writer – beautiful enough to make some of the pain you feel for the characters less.


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