Why I think A Day Without a Gay stupid

So here’s the deal. I’m a gay. And some gay folks have encouraged other gay folks to call in “gay” to work today as a protest against Proposition 8.

Now I am TOTALLY against Proposition 8, but I think this is stupid.

First of all, 30 states do not provide any protection against employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. So that means calling in gay to work could get you fired. In 30 states. Getting gay people fired really isn’t going to do much to repeal Proposition 8.

Second of all, while I get that the organizers are trying to make a “gay people are everywhere” point, I think that point is better made by actually, well, being everywhere. I think the key to changing people’s minds about things like Proposition 8 is by being your normal, boring, same-sex-loving self around people who might vote against you on a ballot initiative. And where does that happen more than at work? Where else are we around vast numbers of people who may hold very different views than us? Most of us hangout with folks who think, at least somewhat, like us. So go to work, people! I think being out at work is really one of the best “activist” things you can do.

Finally, I don’t need to protest my work. My work had NOTHING to do with the passage of Proposition 8. They didn’t give money. They offer domestic partner benefits (for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples – which is AWESOME). They do great pro bono work on behalf of all sorts of clients, including LGBT groups. Calling in gay to work would only hurt my employer and my colleagues, gay and straight, who would have to pick up my slack. Not cool.

So, in short, protesting Proposition 8 and anti-gay discrimination: GOOD. Day Without A Gay: DUMB.

My two cents.

Why I think A Day Without a Gay stupid

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