Save the Date!


So… as may be assumed by our “engaged” status, we’re getting married! This is exciting and momentous and occasionally stressful. We’ve had over a year to get used to that “engaged” idea, and now it seems that the wedding is just around the corner – May 1st to be exact. After picking the location (and finding a photographer, yay!) this summer, we were able to push-off pretty much all other wedding-related tasks because it was so far off. But the wedding powers-that-be seems to all say that Save-the-Date announcements should go out 5-6 months before the big event and that meant we needed to get our list finished and our announcements designed, printed and out.

I had this idea to do a history of our relationship in book titles as our Save-the-Date (from Shy Single to Happily Ever After, with some other milestones like Cross Country, Living in Small Spaces, and The Fire in between). Jami and I are both librarians after all, and good readers to boot, and it seemed a little more personal than the ubiquitous Save-the-Date Magnets that are so popular these days. In the end that didn’t make for a very good image, but luckily Jami has a good eye for photography and came up with the image above. We ordered the Save-the-Dates from Snapfish and I was super happy with how they turned out.

We sent them out last week while in New England, and today DC gave us an early wedding present. See, so far, we can’t actually get legally married in the District of Columbia, but we are hoping it will be legal by our wedding. The DC Council today voted to pass the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act which would make same-sex marriage legal in the District of Columbia. The bill has to get voted on again once more for final passage (and then has to go through a 30 day Congressional review period. Boo!), but things are heading in the right direction. Fingers crossed.

Save the Date!

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