In with the New

2010 has arrived, in all its blustery, bright January glory. Jami and I bid farewell to 2009 by going out for sushi at our favorite DC sushi restaurant. 2009 treated us well. After a stressful 2008, all I wanted out of 2009 was a quiet, calm, uneventful year, and it delivered. It felt like 2009 was a bit of a break – a year to sit back, regroup and recharge. 2010 is already going to be a more jam-packed year for us – we get married in May after all. For being just exactly what we needed, 2009 deserved it’s own farewell celebration, and our dinner certainly fit the bill. Jami and I both got tasting menus, so we didn’t even have to order, just sit back as the chef sent out dish after dish of delicious Japanese food. We were quite spoiled – and are ready to make sushi on New Year’s Eve a tradition.

New Year’s Day already has its own food traditions, at least for this Southern girl – black-eyed peas (for luck) and collard greens (for wealth). Both having been properly devoured, we are ready to start our new year.

New Year's Eats

In with the New

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