The Snowiest Week of My Life

A week ago today, it started snowing:

The snow starts...

When it ended more than 24 hours later, we had 26 inches of snow on the ground in our back yard.

Back Yard.

It wasn’t so bad this first snow fall. It was a lot of snow. Jami was a shoveling champ – but I had had a long and busy two weeks previous, and wasn’t sad to have an excuse to stay inside and be a little lazy.


Monday morning the Federal government was closed, but my office was open and Jami and I trucked into work.

commuting in snow

Tuesday afternoon, the second snow storm hit. (Jami and I are still at work, the Federal government is still closed.)

Wednesday morning, my office was still saying it was open. I did not go. This is what it looked like:


It was officially a blizzard. I’ve got a good work ethic, but I’m not crazy. We got at least another foot in that storm.

our snowy house

Thursday, metro was underground only, with trains every 30 minutes. I went to work. Our street has still not be plowed since Saturday night. The power in one of our two office buildings wasn’t working (luckily not mine). Need I mention, that the Federal government was closed?

This morning, we got our newspaper delivered for the first time in a week. The Federal Government reopened. We have high hopes for the mail having been delivered by the time we get home (the only day it got delivered this week was Tuesday). I am no longer the only research librarian in the office. Things are looking up. Now if this snow they are calling for on Monday could just go somewhere else, I’d be a very happy girl.

The Snowiest Week of My Life

3 thoughts on “The Snowiest Week of My Life

  1. Pmm Holley says:

    E laughed everytime I read “the federal governient is still clgsed” as it was juxtaposed to “my office is open.” Bless your heart for braving those awful sidewalks and roads. And thank’heavens you had the sense to stmy home on Wednesday–you would have blown away! Pam


  2. Kristi says:

    This was just a crazy amount of snow! I too, loved how you kept saying, “the Federal Gov’t is closed.” You are one dedicated chica. 😉


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