Today – 4.1.10

Apple Blossoms

Today was the most beautiful day in DC. Highs in the 70s, sunny with the most gorgeous blue sky. Walking home from work, all the neighbor kids were out – riding bikes, pushing scooters, being happy, active kids. It was the kind of day that feels like a gift. DC is famous for cherry blossoms, but the trees I pass on my walk home are apple trees, so for me, a beautiful spring day looks like apple blossoms.

I took this picture for the Communal Global photo contest. Communal Global is a great photo blog that a friend of mine from college contributes to. I recommend it.

Today – 4.1.10

8 thoughts on “Today – 4.1.10

  1. Oooo, I am just so jealous of everyone’s beautiful spring photos! We are still get pounded with snow in Utah, and I think the blossoms are much too scared to come out just yet!

    Beautiful shot!


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