Mighty Life List #41: Eat at Nora

Ever since I’ve moved to DC (or at least ever since I learned of Nora), I’ve wanted to eat there. Nora is sort of like DC’s Chez Panisse – a restaurant focused on local, seasonal, organic food. Luckily my parents also have a penchant for local, seasonal, and organic food, so they decided to host a family dinner there on the Thursday before the wedding. In addition to amazing food (beet salad, risotto with rabbit confit – a dish I recently discovered I liked, and strawberry shortcake!) and really great service, it was a wonderful start to our wedding weekend. Jami and I, our parents, and our brothers and their significant others (my sister wasn’t able to come up until Saturday) all got to meet and eat and get to know each other before the (relatively small, relatively calm) madness began in earnest. What a lovely (pre)wedding present!

Mighty Life List #41: Eat at Nora

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