Mighty Life List #7: Marry Jami

Photo by Eva Russo of photoladylove.

A month ago today, we got married. Married! (There we are above looking in amazement at Jami’s wedding band.)

It’s been a good (if somewhat expensive) month, and I hope it is just the start of many good months and years ahead. It’s pretty great being married. In a lot of ways, it’s no different than before – we wake up next to each other, same as before, eat dinner together every night, worry about our pets, plan our garden. In ways both practical and profound, a shift has definitely occurred however. How does marriage feel different? The best way I can describe it, as unromantic as it sounds, is that marriage feels solid. It feels like a foundation on which we can build. It feels like the start of something. Marriage so often seems to be seen (at least in movies) as the happy ending, but I think it’s really the beginning: the start of the rest of our lives and all the amazing things, both extraordinary and mundane, that we can accomplish together. Let the adventure begin.

Mighty Life List #7: Marry Jami

3 thoughts on “Mighty Life List #7: Marry Jami

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    You’ve hit on exactly what marriage is all about–it does give a feeling of solidity. And it is certainly the beginning of many things, both glorious and everyday. You are so wise. Pam


  2. jammie jones says:

    I am so happy for you!! You two look great- i see you admiring your new ring, may you both be as happy as you look in this photo for a lifetime!!


  3. Kristi says:

    What a fantastic photo! I love how it really captured the moment and the thrill! It is quite amazing to feel that shift, isn’t it? You said it so well. Enjoy!


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