TBR – Passage

Passage by Connie Willis has been on my “To Be Read” list since grad school, so I feel quite accomplished being able to scratch it off. Even better I actually liked the book quite a lot. I’m an apprehensive reader of science fiction. I want something I can relate to, something not too far out there, and so I don’t read a lot of it. This is the third book I read by Willis though, and I’ve liked them all. The other two I’ve read deal with time travel, which seems to be the subgenre of science fiction that I consistently enjoy, while this one deals with death and near death experiences. I was worried that it would be depressing or disturbing all the death-related talk, but it didn’t actually both me, so that’s good. I’m encouraged to pick up other books by Connie Willis, even if they don’t deal with time travel. Odds are I will like them!

TBR – Passage

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