Wedding Memory: Our First Dance

Photo by Eva Russo of PhotoLadyLove.

We weren’t going to have a first dance. Pretty much up until a few minutes before we found ourselves dancing, we weren’t going to have a first dance. But then, dinner was over, and we wanted to encourage folks to make their way to the dance floor, and a first dance seemed the easiest way to do that. We asked our friend Pete to play DJ (easy enough, since he is a DJ, and did all the mixes we listened to all evening), and put on You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. Was it weird to dance in front of everyone we knew? Maybe not for everyone, but for two attention-avoiding ladies, yes. But I’m glad we did – first of all because I was so very happy that I wanted to dance with Jami, and second of all, because it worked. Other folks started dancing (more on that to come) and we all had a grand time.

*My wife complains that you can’t see my face in any of the dancing pictures. But since I like looking at her face, and this is my blog, this is the picture you get. 🙂

Wedding Memory: Our First Dance

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