Wedding Memory: The Heat

Photo by Eva Russo of photo lady love.

We got married May 1st. A day specifically chosen because the weather in DC is pleasant in the spring – there’s lots of blooming going on and it is not too hot. Usually. May 1, 2010 was a beautiful day in DC, sunny and bright, but it was definitely hot – in the low 90s, and our guests (especially those from Maine) were feeling it. One of the side effects of the heat was that Jami’s hand swelled slightly – just enough to make it a bit of a push to get the ring on. Here she is, with her hand in the ice bucket, trying to cool her hand down so that it will shrink and let the ring on easily. When the time came, the ring went on. Not without a little resistance, but on all the same, which is all that matters.

Wedding Memory: The Heat

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