Mighty Life List #31: Make truffles.

(Naked Truffles)

I really like truffles and I always thought they would be fun to make – and they are. It would be a good food project to do with kids actually because it’s messy and you get to lick chocolate off your hands at the end.

I decided to make truffles as my Christmas “food gift” this year. Jami and I are staying home for Christmas (A Christmas Made for Two!) and so I sent a lot of holiday packages to our relatives around the country and I wanted to include something a little more personal in them, so this year every package got truffles or spiced nuts, or a combo.

almond truffles
(The Finished Product)

I did two batches, one with the traditional cocoa powder coating and one with a coating of toasted chopped almonds. I used this recipe and it couldn’t have been simpler.Truffles have to be made over the course of two days (there is a fair amount of chilling required), but the different steps didn’t take too long. I will certainly make them again.

Mighty Life List #31: Make truffles.

2 thoughts on “Mighty Life List #31: Make truffles.

  1. MWK says:

    D$ made truffles once, but apparently it involved a lot of stirring (or was that just him?) He actually hurt his wrist and I went around for weeks telling everyone that he had a “fudge related injury.” I don’t remember why I said “fudge” instead of “truffles.”


  2. cransell says:

    The recipe I used didn’t involve a lot of stirring, but there are a ton of different ones out there and I imagine a bunch of them do require constant stirring over a hot stove. So if D$ ever wants to make truffles again, I recommend this recipe!


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