Wedding Memory: The Boutonniere


Photo by Eva Russo.

Jami really wanted a boutonniere for the wedding. I called a florist near the Inn a few weeks before the wedding, but they said I didn’t need to order in advance. They were open on Saturdays and would be able to make up one boutonniere in just a few minutes. So after breakfast I decided to walk over  the block and a half and get the boutonniere made up. My dad and uncle saw me leaving and asked if I wanted company. Sure, I said.

I was very worried leading up to our wedding that I would find the day stressful (and that the stress would lead to bickering.) While I have no doubt that stress and even bickering are normal things on a wedding day, I am happy to report that for all my worries, I found the day calm, even relaxing – starting with this fun little wander down the road with two of my favorite men and a whole city full of pink-clad breast cancer walkers. Thanks, Jami, for giving me an excuse to do just that.

Wedding Memory: The Boutonniere

Mighty Life List: 28. Tour Lincoln’s Cottage at the Old Soldier’s Home.

lincoln's cottage at the soldier's home.

Before Camp David, there was the Soldier’s Home. Although established in 1851 as a retirement home for military personnel (which it remains to this day), it also hosted four Presidents during the hot and steamy summer months, most notably among them, President Lincoln. The Soldier’s Home (and Lincoln’s Cottage) are just a short walk from our house, and although we have lived there two and a half years, we hadn’t actually made it over for a tour. We decided Lincoln’s Cottage would make a perfect Christmas Eve date – because we are dorky, historic house buffs like that. So good we married each other 🙂

It was pretty neat. The Cottage (if you can really refer to a 30-something room house that way) was restored just a few years ago and is mostly unfurnished, but the guide did a good job talking about what was known of Lincoln’s time in the house. One thing that I found really interesting was that while Lincoln and his family lived at the cottage in the summer months, he commuted on horseback to the White House every day for work – a true Washingtonian!

If you like history and happen to find yourself in the neighborhood, Lincoln’s Cottage is a good way to spend an hour or two.

Mighty Life List: 28. Tour Lincoln’s Cottage at the Old Soldier’s Home.

2010 in (Book) Statistics

My reading resolution for 2010 was to read more non-fiction, and I think I succeeded. I still read more fiction than non-fiction, but percentage-wise I read twice as much non-fiction this year as last, so that seems like a success. I was supposed to complete the TBR Challenge in 2010, but the year is over and I’ve only read 8 of the 12 books on my list. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get to the other four someday.

My reading goal for 2011 is to read one book of poetry a month. I never read poetry, but I’m trying to expand my reading horizons. If you have suggestions of poets or anthologies to read, I would be happy to hear them!

Total Books Read in 2010: 130

  • Number Read in Best Month: 18 (August)
  • Number Read in Worst Month: 5 (February)

Total Books Read in 2009: 200

Total Books Read in 2008: 80

Total Books Read in 2007: 122

Total Books Read in 2006: 70

Fiction/Non-fiction Split:

2010: 68%/32%

2009: 84%/16%

2008: 63%/37%

2007: 50%/50%

2006: 59%/41%

Percentage of Books by Women (Overall/Fiction/Non-fiction):

2010: 55%/54%/59%

2009: 44%/44%/ 42%

2008: 68%/70%/67%

2007: 60%/57%/68%

2006: 74%/88%/55%

Five Star Books of 2010:

Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Conor Grennan

The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family by Annette Gordon-Reed

Binky to the Rescue by Ashley Spires

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Talking Hands: What Sign Language Reveals About the Mind by Margalit Fox

44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith

Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World by Tracy Kidder

The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson

2010 in (Book) Statistics