True Confessions

I don’t like poetry. I like poems. Individuals ones, certain ones, but I don’t ever seem to want to sit down and read a book of poetry. This means I haven’t made any progress on my reading goal of a book of poetry a month in 2011. None. I tried. I started Leaves of Grass, but I just don’t wanna. So I’m giving up. I like to read, and three months in, my reading goal is giving me a lot of stress and not too much enjoyment, two things I don’t usually associated with reading. As my friend Danita says, sometimes punking out is the better part of valor.

I have added the Poetry Foundation’s Poem of the Day RSS feed to my reader. Maybe I’ll discover another poem I like, but for now I’m leaving my poetry goal behind.

True Confessions

2 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Jo says:

    You know, this made me super happy. I really like individual poems as well, but I cannot handle most poetry! Occasionally one will catch me and I’ll sit down and ponder. I cherish those.

    Most ee cummings I genuinely love, but have to be in the right mindset.


  2. hello, new reader here 😀 i am generally the same way as you about poems vs. books of poetry, except for 4 books:
    When Living Was a Labor Camp-diana garcia
    Skin Tax – Tim Hernandez
    Poems and Antipoems by nicanor parra
    Amor de lejos… Fool’s Love by Ruben Medina

    but reading all the way through leaves of grass would definitely be a challenge!


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