I got back on Tuesday from a lovely, almost week-long trip to Colorado, home of my brother and the awesome, geeky conference that Jami loves. My brother moved to Colorado about 5 years ago and this was my first visit out to see him (the rest of our family is on the East Coast, so sadly he gets stuck with most of the travelling), but it was such a blast!

Colorado was…

brother/sister bonding (thanks to Christina for this picture of me and my brother, which I love):

friends (I met up with a good friend from college, who I hadn’t seen since graduation – almost 11 years ago! Sadly I didn’t stop a stranger and ask them to take a picture of us. I am actually really bad about this, and thus have very few pictures of myself and friends! You can see Kristi and I in our first year of college here. Picture us older and accompanied by an adorable toddler!)

library tourism:

The Public Library
(Main Branch of the Denver Public Library)

Sculpture at the South Branch of the Summit County Public Library
(South Branch of the Summit County Public Library)

old dogs:


(and a new – to me – cat. Hi Shadow!)

summer weather (highs around 80!):


winter weather (it snowed the very next day!):





(Jami, Christina, and Jon. No snowboarding for the photographer)

Bottom of Peak 8
(See that little red speck on a snowboard between the other two people? That’s my wife!)

and lots of quality family time:

We will definitely not let another 5 years pass before we go back!


2 thoughts on “Colorado!

  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like your trip was a lot of fun — and I’m totally impressed with the snowboarding! I think I would’ve stuck with you though and gone for a library tour. The South Branch of the Summit County Library looks so inviting!


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