walter loves the dog bed.

Our beloved Walter went to kitty heaven a week ago today. He was 14 (we think) and had lived with Jami for 11 years, arriving unexpectedly and never leaving. He was the most loving cat I’ve ever met. He loved to be near you or on you. Within 5 minutes of meeting you, he would be on your lap, snuggling in. Everyone was his best friend. He loved open windows and would sit on the back of the couch, watching the world go by. He slept in my arms many nights, including the night before we had to put him to sleep – an absolutely heart-wrenching decision I have never had to make before. I am so grateful to his vet who was luckily working on a Saturday and who helped us understand what his kidney failure meant. He was the best cat, my own personal heater in winter, as energetic and happy-go-lucky as a kitten up to about a month before he died. It seems hard to believe that he’s gone.


2 thoughts on “Walter

  1. Oh, Carrie. Hugs. It is a hard decision. The hardest. I had to put my first kitty to sleep (a tuxedo just like Walter) for the same reason and I was a mess. I cried about it for a week until I made myself sick, and then I still cried. The pain has lessened over time and now I just have happy memories, and I feel that the spirit of Mr. Krinkle lives on in Diesel, who is a menace in his own way but very similar in his loving, curious ways as it sounds like Walter was. There’s something about male tuxedos …

    My heart is with you and Jami.


  2. mo says:

    So sad. Walter was always so snuggly when we came over. It’s really hard to have to put a sick pet to sleep though it is sometimes the more humane thing to do. I was glad that Sephora got to spend her last few weeks spending time outside napping in the sun.


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