What Else I’m Reading

In addition to the books I finished in July, I’ve also been doing a good amount of reading on babies and pregnancy – trying not to get too far ahead of where I am now (16 weeks). The books I’m working my way through are:

The First Nine Months of Life by Geraldine Lux Flanagan. This book was first published in 1960s and was the book my parents read when they were pregnant with my big brother. When we told them we were pregnant, they passed it down to me. It’s interesting to read and really focused on the baby’s development (not so much on what is going on with the mom), with tons of pictures. It’s neat to read it and picture my parents in the same place we are now – getting ready for their first child and not at all sure what to expect.

Pregnancy Day by Day edited by Maggie Blott. I think of this as my pregnancy advent calendar. A lot of books about pregnancy deal (quite understandably) mostly with the end of pregnancy, preparing for labor, delivery, and, you know, the baby that’s going to come out of you and need care. I’ll be getting to those books soon, I’m sure, but for now, I’m focused on keeping this baby in my body and healthy. But because I can’t feel the baby yet, and I don’t look pregnant, I have a hard time picturing what is going on. The book has a page a day for every day of pregnancy, so every morning I read the days news, look at the pictures and think, our baby has fingers now or can hear or has started swallowing. It’s pretty wild to think about and really helps me feel more connected to the little one.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week (6th Edition) by Glade B. Curtis. I usually read this book on Sunday nights getting ready for the week ahead – it helps me know what’s going on that week and tells me (my favorite part) how big the baby is (16 weeks equals approximately 4.5 inches). This somehow always blows my mind. Jami is reading this book every week too, which makes it fun to talk about what’s happening.

Are there any books about pregnancy, childbirth or infants that you really like or found helpful? I’m definitely interested in recommendations.

What Else I’m Reading

2 thoughts on “What Else I’m Reading

  1. mo says:

    If you plan to nurse, I recommend The womanly art of breastfeeding and I recommend reading it BEFORE you have the baby! It’s really hard to squeeze in reading time once the baby is born. 🙂 It seemed like most of the other books I had that included information about nursing seemed to assume that formula-feeding is the default and nursing the exception. While the LLL viewpoint about nursing is a little more hard-line than my personal view (I nursed/pumped breast milk for at least the first four months but became a bit more lax once he started eating solids), it’s at least nice to get recommendations that I can be sure are geared toward continuing a successful nursing relationship.


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