Dear Pregnant Ladies,

You are amazing. I see you when I’m running errands downtown, perfectly put together in a designer dress and heels. How do you look so stylish? I see you walking to metro with me in the evening, hot and tired and ready to deliver any day now. How are you surviving in the horrible heat this summer?

I marvel at all you do:  Write Master’s theses. Finish law school and take the bar exam. Buy a house. Move across the country. Move across the ocean. Parent toddlers, elementary school students, teenagers. I see you in my office, billing 90 hours a week as an associate. How do you do it? How do you manage to stay awake that long, to accomplish that much?

You carry two (or more) babies – twice the hormones, twice the discomfort, twice the awesomeness. You are pregnant far from home, far from those who know, love and support you. You make hard choices about what is best for your family. You develop complications. Pregnancy makes you sick. Your baby arrives early.

I have only had a taste of this pregnancy thing, but it’s surprised me with its challenges. You ladies are my heroes. You are not just amazing, you are kick-ass forces of nature. I see you and I think, I can DO this. I raise my hat to you, ladies. I raise my hat to you.

Love, me.

Dear Pregnant Ladies,

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