19 Weeks

I have been giving my weeks of pregnancy themes lately: Week 16 was “The Week Where My Clothes Still Fit, But Not the Way They Used To”, Week 17 was “The Week I Went a Little Crazy, and Thought my Bladder was my Uterus and the Baby Hadn’t Grown in a Month”, Week 18 was “The Week I Thought the Baby was Perfect (For Having a Heatbeat We Heard Right Away on the Doppler)”. Week 19 has now been dubbed “The Week The Earth Moved”. Experiencing my first earthquake* while pregnant will make a good story for baby-to-be someday!

19 weeks

I’m still wearing my regular clothes, but I’m definitely expanding. I have to use the Bella Bands to wear pants, but dresses and skirts still mostly fit.

I’m also still LOVING the second trimester. More energy, less nausea? Yes! I’m still feeling comfortable and moving pretty normally (running to catch the metro, etc, which I’m sure will end at some point).

My appetite has definitely returned. Favorite fruit of the second trimester is definitely watermelon. I eat it most days. Favorite comfort food is grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve had three in the last two weeks.

The big excitement is that I am now feeling the baby kick. It’s still really light, can’t be felt from the outside, but inside it’s like this little bubble popping. I started feeling this is in the middle of week 17, but I wasn’t sure that’s what I was feeling. After a week and a half of the same (occasional) feeling though, I’m accepting that it is the baby and it’s pretty awesome.

Next week we have our 20 week ultrasound and will get to see the baby for (probably) the last time before he or she is born. I can’t wait!

*I was born in San Francisco and we didn’t move until I was 2, so I’m sure I had been in an earthquake before yesterday, but I don’t remember them.

19 Weeks

8 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. i’ve heard of a belly button rule. if the popping is above your belly button, it’s gas. below, it’s baby.

    i sometimes miss those little kicks.


  2. Kristi says:

    A belly photo! Yay! I love the little ‘pops’ too, it is always a fun little ‘interruption’ to the day. 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts on pregnancy thus far, I echo many of them and it is always nice to read someone say the same things. Have you had your sonogram yet? Mine is next week! 🙂


    1. cransell says:

      Hey! We did have our sonogram this past week. So neat to see the actual baby in there! We did not find out the sex – we are going to wait and be surprised!

      Are you seeing the midwife there? Are you guys going to find out if you are having a boy or a girl? It’s so exciting!


      1. Kristi says:

        Isn’t it neat to see how everything is so well-developed already? I loved seeing the sonogram and am really looking forward to ours. I am so excited that you are going to wait to find out, too! We didn’t find out with Adalyn and don’t plan to with this one either. That added anticipation during labor was a nice diversion at times too, I thought.

        I am seeing the midwife here. It is nice to have such a different experience, however I am finding that I worry more since she doesn’t do as many tests as the OB’s did! The OB’s worried about every little thing with Adalyn, so I didn’t worry at all! The irony. Are you seeing a midwife or OB?


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