27 Weeks

27 Weeks

What’s New: The baby has a new trick – he or she has gotten long enough, that I can sometimes feel him or her on both sides of my stomach. It’s pretty neat. We also started our Childbirth class last week. There was a lot of “sharing” which is a little awkward, but also a little affirming. We have 7 more classes to go, and I’m hoping at the end we will both feel nice and prepared for labor and delivery. On the food front, my new favorite thing is roast broccoli and I’ve also developed a fondness for milk. I’m drinking about a cup a day (I started drinking milk again in the first trimester, but it has definitely picked up in the last month or so). On the symptom front, heartburn has become more frequent and it’s lasting longer, but it’s still not a daily occurence, which is good. I picked up some Tums at the supermarket today though, because I think it will only get worse from here.

Appointments I’ve Had: In the past month, I’ve had one endocrinology appointment (all is well with my thyroid) and one midwife appointment. It was my last every 4 weeks appointment, and now we switch to every two weeks. We’re getting there! I also had my gestational diabetes test, which wasn’t as nauseating as I feared (my friend told me to ask for the “red one” and it was fairly unobjectionable). Even better I passed, so no gestational diabetes here!

Preparations Completed: The crib has been purchased and assembled (by my lovely wife). We think the next must buy item is a car seat. We won’t be able to take the baby home without it!

Crib! Assembled!

Where I’ve Been: At the beginning of the month, I went down to Williamsburg to visit with my Grandma (who just turned 90 and lives there) and my Mom (who drove up from North Carolina for the visit). We also went down to Virginia Beach to see my sister, who lives there. It was so nice to see my family (my Grandma, in particular, I hadn’t seen since our wedding!) and catch up. My mom and I also did some outlet shopping while there and got me some more maternity clothes (It’s so nice to have clothes that fit) and the baby some cute outfits.

3 Generations (with 1 on the way)
What I’m Reading: I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth this month. Written by Ina May Garten, so is sort of the mother of modern American midwifery, the first half of the book consists of birth stories, the second of the lessons Garten has learned about childbirth. I thought I would find the birth stories cheesy, but I actually found them really empowering – “That lady had a 10 pound baby naturally, without so much as an episiotomy? I can totally do this!” Next up… books about breastfeeding!

27 Weeks

6 thoughts on “27 Weeks

  1. cransell says:

    I’m from Virginia Beach – just over the border from North Carolina. My parents sold the house in Virginia Beach last Fall, and bought a farm in North Carolina, between Greensboro and Chapel Hill. Where in NC are you from?


  2. Maurine says:

    yay Carrie! You look beautiful! Consider Mylanta…a friend recommended it because Tums never really seemed to cut it for me. Also, I drank SO much milk the last trimester. It was crazy. Like chugging multiple glasses a day. Enjoy!


  3. Heya! I came across your blog on APW and saw that you’re in DC. Why haven’t you come to any of the APW DC meetups?! I promise we don’t ONLY drink. Well. That’s what I do. But I’m fairly certain that other people stay totally sober and say smart and funny things. I have a hard time remembering, so I can’t be 100% sure about that, though. You’ll just have to come to one and then let me know how it went afterward.

    If you’re on Facebook, friend me and I can add you to the group! We would love to you and your wife some time!


    1. cransell says:

      Hi! I am on the Facebook group, and I’ve been to one APW meet-up – the Committed book club which I guess was a year ago now. Thanks for reaching out! I’ll definitely make it to another one again at some point, but so far they just haven’t been working with my schedule – which is admittedly about to get a little more hectic 🙂


      1. Ahhhh that’s the ONE meetup I missed. Of course.

        I’m sure I’ll be hanging around here a lot. You’re in exactly the same “place” in pregnancy I’m hoping to be this time next year, and I love reading (read: being voyeuristic) about your baby journey!

        Which is a totally lame phrase, but I thought “pregnancy” twice in one sentence sounded crazy redundant. So. Here we are.


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