33 Weeks

Carrie and Sofie.

What’s New: As you can probably tell from the fact that I haven’t given an update in 6 weeks, life has been BUSY! On the pregnancy symptoms front, the heartburn continues, and I’ve also started having some swelling in my hands and feet. Nothing extreme, but enough to make me whiny. Good reason to come home and put my feet up. I’m also starting to feel BIG. Not unattractive (I actually really like my pregnant body), but like my belly is getting in the way of things and I’m having to compensate for it. I can’t imagine how big I’ll be by the end! Childbirth classes have continued and now we only have one left. I think they’ve been helpful, but they have definitely added to the busyness. I also went to a breastfeeding class a few weeks ago, which was good. I have some concerns about breastfeeding, so I’m trying to be as informed and prepared as possible.

Appointments I’ve Had: Since the last update, I have had an ultrasound and three midwife appointments. Baby has been head’s up at all 3 appointments, so I started doing inversions to try to get the baby to flip about a month or so ago, and I have now added a Chiropractor to the appointment list. 3 chiropractor appointments so far, but baby was still heads up yesterday during our doula appointmen. Let’s all visualize baby turning over and soon. I don’t know how I could possible fit more appointments into my schedule, but accupuncture is the next thing to try.

Where We’ve Been: November was a traveling month. We did a little last minute trip to Baltimore at the beginning of the month, which was a lovely vacation. We went to the Aquarium and the Walters Museum and saw a friend of mine from Grad School – and met her husband and 5 month old baby, which was great fun. Veteran’s Day weekend, we flew up to Maine (where my wife’s family all lives) for a baby shower. They really went all out with crafts and decorations – It was quite impressive! The next weekend we stayed in town (hooray). Jami’s best friend came down from New Hampshire (delivering the shower gifts from the Maine Shower), and we had our DC shower at our good friend and neighbor’s house, which was a laid-back, good time. Then Thanksgiving weekend we were on the road again – down to my parents’ farm in North Carolina (where the picture above was taken). My brother also flew out from Colorado which was a real treat! It was a great time, but I’m happy to be back home with no travel on the horizon until (months) after the baby comes.

Preparations Completed: The baby’s room is mostly done. All the furniture is in and now I just have to finish putting everything away and getting organized. I’m hoping to have the room pretty much done this weekend – I’ll put up photos when it’s finished. I finished the baby’s quilt, but haven’t started on the wall hangings I’m planning on. We’ll see if those get done before baby arrives! We have a car seat now, but it hasn’t made it into the car yet. Lots of little odds and ends of things to do.

What I’m Reading: Not too much on the pregnancy/childbirth/baby care front. I started Bestfeeding, but haven’t picked it or the baby care books up in weeks. I need to get back to my preparatory reading for sure.

33 Weeks

4 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. Thanks for the update! I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot lately. I hope everything settles down for you soon. In the meantime, I’ll be visualizing babies turning over!


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