35 Weeks

my lovely wife.

What’s NOT New: The baby is still breech. It feels like I have tried everything at this point to get the baby to turn: inversions, the chiropractor, playing the baby music through the lower part of my belly, moxibustion, walking on my hands in the pool, cat-cow yoga exercises, putting something cold on the top of my belly, asking nicely… Our baby is stubborn.

What IS New: I’m BIG. I know I said this last time, but it’s more and more true. I’ve now reached the waddling stage. When tired I don’t even really waddle, I lumber. Our childbirth classes have finished and the first couple in the class has already had their baby. Amazing. I’m still focused on getting through Christmas and getting everything set at work for my absence, but the end is in sight. I’m not to the “I’m ready” stage yet, but I definitely see it in my not too distant future.

35 Weeks

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