One of the things that I am pretty excited about is creating our own traditions as a family. Kids love traditions – and Jami and I do too (there is something so comforting and happiness-inducing about structure, especially a structure dedicated to fun/meaningful things – and if it’s not one of those things, I say, don’t make it a tradition!)

Anyway, all of this is to say, we went to Opening Day again this year, and it was great! The weather was lovely, warmer than last year. The game was exciting (Two home runs by Bryce Harper) without being too long. Frances loved looking around at all the people and the big screen and even, occasionally, the baseball field, and everyone was so nice and friendly to the baby in their section. We even made it on to the jumbotron for a brief second.

I feel like this is our first real family tradition, and I can’t wait to continue it year after year!

Frankie loves Mommy

Nats fans.


(P.S. If you can read the title of this post in your head, without it sounding like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof, the you are less of a nerd than I!)


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