April Round-up

I barely read in April – I finished just 3 books – 2 fiction, one non-fiction. 2 in print, on on Kindle, absolutely NONE from my “Read it or Lose it” list. Gotta step up my game here.

Death of Yesterday by M.C. Beaton. Total fluff read – the latest in the Hamish Macbeth mystery series – a cozy mystery series set in Scotland. A series I read when I want my brain to not even have to turn on.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. Now this is a book worth reading! A YA novel that appeared on a lot of “Best of” lists last year – it is set during WWII and tells the story of 2 British teenaged girls – best friends – a spy and pilot, one of whom (the spy) is captured and tortured during a mission in France. (It’s not as gruesome as that sounds). Definitely 5 stars from me. Highly recommended.

Moranthology by Caitlin Moran. Moran is one of my favorite contemporary non-fiction writers – and this is a collection of her columns that cover a wide range of topics. I think I may have liked it even more than How to Be a Woman (Moran’s book on feminism), because in addition to sticking up for women, she also sticks up for libraries and the poor. I hope she keeps writing books, because I love reading her – and as a UK journalist, she’s not showing up in my newspapers over here.

April Round-up

3 thoughts on “April Round-up

  1. I haven’t actually read a book since I first was pregnant. Haven’t listened to one since I moved to Edinburgh. I’ve been going through the This American Life archives instead, and am currently still in the middle of 1997. I seriously don’t know how you do it.


    1. I think my secret of still reading is that I have a childfree commute, so I read on the Metro everyday. (When I was home, my answer was that I was pumping 4-6 times a day and I would read while pumping). You have your hands, quite literally, full!


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