Life List #9. Make mayonnaise from scratch.

As a good Southern girl, I love mayonnaise, and (just like the whole “popcorn on the stove” thing) I’d heard it was simple enough to do, yet was somehow intimidated. Mayonnaise is a thing you buy, right? But Mark Bittman (and my former coworker, Emma) told me I could do it so I put it on my life list as motivation and last night I finally made it.

I gathered my ingredients (that egg is an extra yummy one, from my parents’ chickens):

Ready to make some mayonnaise

Then I just followed Mr. Bittman’s instructions – and about 5 minutes later, with very little work on my part, I had mayonnaise:

And... mayonnaise

It actually worked – which seems somehow magical. I can imagine that making mayonnaise was a huge pain before the days of food processors, but it’s easy enough now. I don’t think it will become my default – the recipe makes a cup and it has to be used pretty quickly, so I’ll probably still rely on the jarred stuff for sandwiches, but for recipes where I need a larger amount, now I can make it myself. Pretty cool.

Life List #9. Make mayonnaise from scratch.

2 thoughts on “Life List #9. Make mayonnaise from scratch.

  1. kpbrown16 says:

    I love homemade mayonnaise! And, if you have whey (which is the liquid you strain from plain yogurt) you can add it to the mayo, let it sit on the counter for 7 hours and then put it in the fridge. Your mayo will now last for up to 6 months! Not that it ever really lasts that long in our house. 😉


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