Update: Less Crap, More Organization

Hey, remember this list? I posted it back at the end of May and was going to try to get everything done by the end of July. Yeah, that didn’t happen, but here it is October and I am still crossing things off the list. Here’s where things stand today:

Move the still-too-big toddler clothes from the basement to a storage box under our bed.
Remove the too small/too warm clothes from Frances closet.
Go through the “done with this” baby stuff in the basement and either donate to A Wider Circle or pass on to friends.
Clean refrigerator
Clean freezer

Clean off the bookcases in our living room.
Clean out bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet. Discard expired medications.
Get photos into the frames we got for Christmas.
Get those framed photos up on the wall.

Get last year’s Christmas Card framed.
Scan in my childhood print photos.
Get an album for those childhood photos that I also want to keep in print.
Add all my print recipes to Evernote.
Make Frances the Sesame Street book I got a Living Social deal for.

(Giving credit, where credit is due, Jami is actually the one who got the photos on the walls. Thanks, sweetie!)

I’m hoping to tackle the bookcases this weekend, Let’s see how long it ACTUALLY takes me to get this list done.

Update: Less Crap, More Organization

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