DCPL Love: Takoma Park Neighborhood Library

I love public libraries. This may not seem surprising, as I am a librarian (although not a public librarian), but really, I love public libraries as a (heavy) user. They have been a happy place since I was a kid. I volunteered at the public library in middle and high school. I briefly worked at DCPL as a Sunday librarian, but mostly I use them: as a source of great reading material, music and movies. As a warm and friendly place to hang out, and NOW… as a wonderful! free! place to entertain my kid.

Last weekend, I checked out the Takoma Park Branch of DCPL. It was my first time there (even though it is pretty close to my house), and I think the word to describe it is charming. It was built in 1911 and was the first neighborhood library in the DCPL system (which was created in 1896). As the original “Central” library is no longer a library, this is now the oldest library building (and one of 4 “Carnegie” libraries) in the system. You can read more about the history of this branch on DCPL’s website, if you are curious.





The children’s picture book collection surrounds a fireplace, which just makes me so happy. A fireplace! There is a small room to the left of the children’s collection, which has the board books, some puzzles, some puppets, and the magical kid’s computer, which Frances adores and which is her first stop in every library that we go to. Plenty to entertain a toddler on a cold Sunday afternoon.

We managed to return a TON of library books (our house was in danger of being overrun!) and only check out one: What elephant? by Geneviève Coté, a sweet picture book about George and the elephant who appears in his living room one day. The book was as charming as the library!

One of my life list goals is to visit every library in the DCPL system. There are 26 libraries total, and this is the 5th one I’ve posted about. You can read the other posts here.

DCPL Love: Takoma Park Neighborhood Library

One thought on “DCPL Love: Takoma Park Neighborhood Library

  1. That library is gorgeous! I’m heading to your archives now to read about the others too! I’m often reminded how incredibly lucky we are to live in places with strong public library systems…and how important it is to support them!


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