DCPL Love: Petworth Neighborhood Library

We are lucky enough to live equidistant between two neighborhood libraries – Lamond-Riggs and Petworth. Both are just over a mile from our house, the perfect distance to walk on a nice day. The library originally opened in 1939, and had a full, gorgeous renovation in 2011. It’s a big branch – three stories tall with separate spaces for young children, elementary aged kids, teens, and adults. There is a huge community room in the basement and a good sized Story Time room on the second floor.


Petworth has recently begun doing a story time at 10:30 on Saturday mornings, which is perfect for working parents! We’ve been several times and it’s always great fun. Petworth also has my favorite toddler “stacks”. The books are all in low-level bins, which makes it so easy for an adult to browse for books to pick up, while also keeping an eye on a kid. (It is definitely easier to find a “known” book in traditional stacks, but I never realized, until I had my own mobile kid, how incompatible those are with supervising a young child). There are always crayons and scratch paper on one of the tables, to encourage coloring.





In “other things that Carrie loves”, Petworth also has several fireplaces, and the most amazing floors. There are great cork floors in the reading rooms and a terrazzo mosaic map of the neighborhood in the entry.

On our recent visit, Frances and I enjoyed a story time (focused on African-American soldiers in the Civil War. Definitely the first book my kid has heard where someone got shot!) with a “Make Your Own American Flag” craft. Frances was SO proud of her flag!


We picked up 3 books to read together: Round Is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes by Roseanne Greenfield Thong, What can you do with a paleta? by Carmen Tafolla, and Harriet, you’ll drive me wild by Mem Fox.

One of my life list goals is to visit every library in the DCPL system. There are 26 libraries total, and I’ve been to 6 so far. You can read the other posts here.

DCPL Love: Petworth Neighborhood Library

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