DCPL Love: Chevy Chase Library

I had never visited the Chevy Chase Library prior to last weekend. But the branch is just a block from the store where we buy Frances’ shoes and we had some time to kill after we got our shopping done, so it seemed the perfect time to check it out.


This building opened in 1968, and resembles nothing so much as a 1970s bank branch. It was not the first library in Chevy Chase though – the neighborhood has had a library since 1920, in rented or shared space, but this was the neighborhood’s first dedicated library building. DCPL has been renovating and building lots of new library buildings in the past few years, and this should probably go on the list for the next round. It’s dated inside as well as out.

That said, the library is quite large for a neighborhood library. It was getting great use early on a Saturday morning. Definitely an important part of the neighborhood. It was the most well-staffed of any branch library I’ve been to – I counted 7 staff members working and I’m not sure I caught everyone!


The library is two stories, and we spent most of our time on the second floor where the children’s collection is located. The library has great Eric Carle rugs which I loved – and a felt “board” (really a felt-covered angled table) to play with, which I haven’t seen at any other libraries so far. The focus is definitely on more traditional library services, not as many puzzles, art supplies, or games as you find at other branches.



Downstairs you find the adult collections, periodicals, and the circulation desk. I thought the library had some really neat themed book displays up, which was nice. So often it’s just new books. Frances and I checked out The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf, one of my childhood favorites.

One of my life list goals is to visit every library in the DCPL system. There are 26 libraries total, and I’ve been to 7 so far. You can read the other posts here.

DCPL Love: Chevy Chase Library

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