Totally Two: May


What’s New: You can put your shoes on by yourself now! Just the Mary Jane style ones so far, but sneakers are not far behind, I imagine. You are getting so big and so independent.

Frances can put her Mary Jane style shoes on all by herself now. Cue parental wonder, amazement, and the tiniest bit of "my baby is growing up" sadness #365photoproject #day246

Toddler Skills: You’ve been using sentences for a while, but I feel like it’s really picked up in the past month. You say pretty complex things now. It’s amazing.


Moments to Remember:

The other day you pretended to take a picture of yourself on an old cell phone and said “I cheese me.” Your Mommy and I totally cracked up. We think selfies should be called “I cheese mes” from now on.

On Mother’s Day, we all dressed up and went out to dinner. After we came home, the three of us were playing with the soccer ball in the front yard. You would stop playing and walk to me at say: “I like your dress” from time to time. I would say: “Thank you. I like your dress.” Then you would walk up to Mommy and say: “I like your shirt.” And Mommy would say: “Thank you. I like your dress.” It was so sweet and simple and lovely.

A few weekends ago, you and I were driving to the Giant to do our grocery shopping and we passed Meridian Pint. You looked out the window and said: “I want breakfast here. Me.” They sadly weren’t open yet, because proper visual recognition of our go-to brunch place probably would have gotten you some yummy breakfast otherwise!

You were watching Mary Poppins (of course) sometime in the last month, and the scene where Mr. Banks takes Jane and Michael to the bank. When the elderly bank chairman appeared on the screen, you pointed and him and said “Giant.” As he is not a particularly tall fellow, your Mommy and I were confused at first, but then Mr. Banks said: “That’s the chairman of the bank, the elder Mr Dawes. A giant in the world of finance.” Man, you do not miss a THING!

Last week, we arrived at daycare at the same time as one of your friends, walking in together, you guys spontaneously clasped hands and then my heart totally melted into a puddle.


Likes: Flowers. Putting on your shoes by yourself. Saying “Not your turn.” The Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market (they have toys). Baseball. Playgrounds (you have an eagle eye for them and will often shout “Playground” if we drive past one). Fruit of all varieties. Playing outside in the yard – baseball, soccer, “cooking” at the gas meter, blowing bubbles, coloring with sidewalk chalk. It’s all fun.

Dislikes: When your mommies sing along to music in the car (because you want to. See “Not your turn.” Not getting what you want. This is the cause of really all meltdowns – and boy can you really do a two-year-old tantrum like a pro.


It was grandparent-palooza this month. Grandma and Pop Pop came to visit in mid-April and you had a great time hanging out with them and showing off your playground skills. Then at the beginning of May, your Grammie came down and hung out with you while your mommies has a little overnight “trip” for their anniversary. You guys had a wonderful time together!


Also, baseball, the zoo, a trip to Port Discovery in Baltimore, and many playdates. Yay, friends!


Totally Two: May

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