Totally Two: June


What’s New: We went on vacation at the end of May and you slept in a Big Girl Bed! You are still in the crib at home, but you did really well.


Toddler Skills: POTTY! Oh, my gosh are you amazing at the potty. We did an intensive three day, don’t leave the house potting training weekend at the beginning of the month, and you have done so well. You are 95% accident free, you tell us when you need to go potty, you mostly wake up dry. Your mommies are crazy proud.


Moments to Remember:

Pulling up at our house after driving home from vacation: “Frances, look! Where are we?” Sobbing Frances: “I want my vacation house.” Don’t we all, kid. Don’t we all.

While driving you to daycare one day, from the backseat I hear you talking to your Minnie Mouse doll: “Oh, Minnie, you fall down? It’s okay, your mommy here.”

At baseball on Sunday: “Look at me. I’m tired.” It’s hard to miss a nap these days.

There is this rhyming book about cars (Cars Galore) that we checked out of the library recently and that gets read a lot at bedtime. You LOVE the last line: “Someday YOU’LL drive.” You love to pretend to drive in the front seat of our car.


Likes: Frozen peas (I think this is a teething thing). Dresses, oh my word, dresses. Naps (after so long on the dislikes list, I am really savoring this one. I think potty training really takes it out of you). Bubbles. Your sand and water table and using it to get as dirty as humanly possible. Hugs and snuggles. Treats. Delaying bedtime. Butter.

Baseball love. #365photoproject #day283

Dislikes: Things that are too loud. Not getting treats on demand.


Adventures: The big adventure of the past month plus was, of course, our family vacation in Virginia Beach (where this Mama grew up). Grandma and Pop Pop, Uncle Jonathan and Auntie ‘Stina also stayed at “your vacation house” with us. Auntie Laurie (who still lives in Virginia Beach) visited most days. Great Grandma Jane even came down one day to hang out with you. It was all SO MUCH FUN.


You have also been to baseball FOUR times and celebrated your good bud Katherine’s 3rd birthday. Good times.

Totally Two: June

One thought on “Totally Two: June

  1. Every time I read Frances’ dislikes list it occurs to me that we’re all just overgrown kids. For instance, I also greatly dislike not getting treats on demand.


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