Holy crap! We have a two and a half year old. (Remember how important those half years were when you were a kid? “I’m not 6, I’m 6 AND A HALF.” Yeah, I feel like that now!) Here’s all the latest on Frances at two and a half.


Vital Statistics: At your 30 month check up last week, you weighed 23 pounds and were 34 inches long. You are not gaining weight as quickly as your pediatrician would like, so we’re back to “figure out how to get as many calories in this kid as possible” mode. You are not a picky eater, but you don’t eat a ton of anything, so we need to make sure everything you eat packs a good caloric punch. For now that means lots of full fat dairy, peanut butter, and “Dr. Corder milk” (aka, Pediasure) every night after dinner. Luckily you really like the Pediasure.

we've entered the skinned knees phase of childhood

What’s New: You are such a KID now a days. Just what I envision when I think of a kid – running around, active, engaged, (mostly) happy, into everything with messy clothes and skinned knees. Just in the past month you seem to have passed one of those invisible age lines that always catch us parents by surprise. One day we just wake up and you are older.


Toddler Skills: You have your colors DOWN. This really helps when you tells us: “I want that” while pointing vaguely in the direction of half a room’s worth of stuff. Now at least we can narrow what you want down by color.

serious about exercising

Moments to Remember:

You are very in to exercising these days (this is clearly an activity at daycare) and you like to show us your muscles (holding your arm up in the standard flex pose).

You are very helpful these days. Chores that you are good at: putting your clothes in the hamper, throwing things away in the trash, mixing/stirring food items, cleaning up your toys (sometimes), rinsing dishes, shelling black-eyed peas.

You have this nonsense phrase that you like to say a lot: “challa palla” (someone tell me if something like this means something in Spanish!) You often answer challa palla to questions (What song should we sing? What book should we read, etc.?) The other day you and your Mommy had a whole long nonsense conversation starting with challa palla and it was hilarious.


Likes: Spray parks! After two years of being terrified of them, you now find the SO, SO fun. We go several times a week. You like being outside in general: playing in the front yard, going for a walk, visiting the playground – all are good fun. Also, thankfully for us, despite your big kid transformation, you still like to snuggle.


Dislikes: Being two and a half? Tantrums have definitely gotten more frequent in the past month and they are now often of the total and complete meltdown variety. It’s gotten harder to prevent them (you used to be much easier to distract), and I can’t always tell WHY they are happening. I think being this age must be hard sometimes. Also, your two year molars are still coming in, so that may be making you a little more on edge than usual.


Adventures: We went to Grandma and Pop Pop’s farm for the 4th of July. You saw chickens, goats, dogs, baby calves at the dairy, and one very fun small town 4th of July parade. Oh, and the big highlight – Grandma and Pop Pop of course.



3 thoughts on “TWO AND A HALF

  1. Zoe reportedly had a fight with one of her classmates “I’m two and a half” “no I am two and a half” finally it was determined that they were both two and a half. She is very excited to be three. “I pretend that I am three.”


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