Twelve Books or Bust January!

I decided I wanted to do a stretch reading goal in January. In my most reading-heavy month in 2014, I finished 11 books (although a more typical month is 3-4), so this January, I’m going to read TWELVE books. This will serve two purposes: 1) Make me happy in an otherwise cold and gloomy month, because I love to read. 2) Keep me from wasting SO MUCH time on the internet. I mean, I love the internet, but surely I could stand to be a little more judicious in my internetting. And now I won’t have time to mess around, because I’ve got to get reading.

I have two basic guidelines to help me do this. (The beauty of challenging YOURSELF, is that YOU make the rules!)

1) Children’s chapter books are okay. Encouraged even. Probably all of my books will need to be no more than 300 or so pages in order to get this done. I can’t read twelve 600 page books in a month, that’s for sure!

2) The books must be finished in January, but they do not have to have been started then. I have a number of half finished books floating around in the universe. This is the month to finish them!

Anybody else been wanting to up their reading? You should do an “X Books or Bust” Challenge too! It could be any number of books – even one!

Alternatively and/or additionally, any suggestions for good, not-too-long, quick reads? I could use some!

Twelve Books or Bust January!

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