What I Read: July 2015

I read eight books in July – 7 were fiction, 1 was non-fiction. 1 was in print, the rest were on the Kindle. 3 were by writers of color (I’m trying to keep track, so that I’m better about diversifying my reading). Amazingly, I read 4 of these on our vacation in Maine, so I guess 3 years old is when your kid is finally old enough to entertain themselves regularly while you read!

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan (2015)

The sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, this was just a fun as that was – full of the lifestyles fabulously wealthy throughout Asia. Kwan writes perfect vacation / plane / escapist reads.

Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel by Laura Dave (2015)

Georgia is supposed to be getting married, but on the day of her dress fitting she runs into her fiancé with his ex girlfriend and 5 year old daughter, who she didn’t existed. Georgia escapes to her childhood home – a vineyard in California wine country – but things there are messier than expected as well. Just okay for me.

Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie (1935)

I think I’m officially over Agatha Christie. I love a mystery, and Christie is a master of them, but she also is product of her times, by which I mean, the mysteries come with regular servings of misogyny, racism, and homophobia. The idea of this mystery was interesting (woman killed with a poisoned dart during a flight), but I just didn’t enjoy it.

The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money by Ron Lieber (2015)

This book gave me lots to think about – how to talk to Frances about money, when to introduce allowances, etc. I took notes on the sections that seemed most important to me and I expect I will be revisiting them in the years ahead. The book is definitely aimed at parents who are reasonably well off – able to afford all of a child’s needs and at least some of their wants. Worth reading.

Blanche Among The Talented Tenth by Barbara Neely (1994)

The second book in the Blanche White mystery series – this one set on a black resort in coastal Maine. Social criticism and whodunit in one.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark (1961)

One of those classics that I never read in school. Glad to have rounded out my own education, but not much to say beyond that.

The Kizuna Coast by Sujata Massey (2014)

Rei Shimura lives! In my twenties I loved this series featuring a Japanese-American antiques expert/sleuth. There hadn’t been a mystery in the series in years, so I was happy to discover this, published in the aftermath of the Fukushima earthquake and dealing with a death that occurs during that time period. Great series to pick up if you like mysteries.

Castle Waiting Vol. 2: The Definitive Edition by Linda Medley (2013)

If you like graphic novels, you should definitely read the Castle Waiting ones – this is the second volume, picking up where the others left off. A fairly cozy tale of a bunch of misfits living in a mostly abandoned castle.

What I Read: July 2015

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