Preschool Reads: Thanksgiving

23223753675_81b3aee81d_zI’ve found it surprisingly hard to find Thanksgiving books that I like. I’m trying to stay away from stories about the first Thanksgiving (since I think that’s a little more complicated than usually presented), and focus on our current Thanksgiving celebrations – with a focus on family, food, and gratitude. Here are a few we’ve enjoyed:

Feast for 10, written and illustrated by Cathryn Falwell (1993).
A holiday counting book – in which a black family shops and prepares a Thanksgiving feast. I love the collage illustrations.

Giving thanks: a Native American good morning message, written by Chief Jake Swamp and illustrated by Erwin Printup, Jr. (1995).
A Mohawk address of gratitude to Mother Earth for all she provides her people. Fits well with the themes of Thanksgiving and also provides a Native American voice without implying that the pilgrims arrival was great news for the Native folks already here!

Gracias: The Thanksgiving Turkey written by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Joe Cepeda (1996).
When Miguel’s truck driver Papa sends him a live turkey to raise for Thanksgiving, he names him Gracias. A live turkey in New York City leads to some humorous hijinks, and it doesn’t take Miguel long to decide Gracias should be a friend, not dinner. The book is sprinkled with beginning Spanish vocabulary, and also comes in an all Spanish version.

One is a feast for Mouse: a Thanksgiving tale, written by Judy Cox, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler (2008).
Such a cute story of a mouse making a meal from holiday leftovers, whose eyes are bigger than his stomach.

The Thanksgiving Door, written and illustrated by Debby Atwell (2003).
When Ann burns the turkey, she and Ed decide to go out for dinner – to the new neighborhood restaurant. The family that runs the New World Cafe is at first a bit distressed that two strangers have crashed their first Thanksgiving dinner in America, but at the encouragement of Grandmother, they embrace their guests and the spirit of Thanksgiving as celebrate in both their new and old worlds.

Preschool Reads: Thanksgiving

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