Books for Queer Families: The Purim Superhero


It’s Purim and Nate is trying to figure out what costume he wants to wear. He loves aliens, but all the other boys at his Hebrew school are dressing up as superheroes and he wants to fit in! With the help of his Daddy and his Abba, Nate finds a creative solution to his costume dilemma.

Pros: Loved the totally normalized presence about two dads. This is very much a book about a kid trying to figure out how to be true to himself and not in any way about the “problem” of having two dads. Totally fits my goal of finding books where kids happen to have two dads or two moms, but the books isn’t ABOUT that. And the illustrations are cute.

Cons: If you are hoping to learn more about Purim, this isn’t the book for you. Judging by reviews on Amazon, lots of folks bought this book hoping to get a Purim story, and here Purim is really more a plot device than the point.

This isn’t really a con, but I do find it interesting that this book (and the other two dads book I’ve reviewed) is written by a woman. I would love to see more #ownvoices in books about two mom and two dad families.

The Bottom Line: Cute! Normalizing! Nice to have a picture book about a Jewish family with same-sex parents. Would recommend for purchase or library check out.

Books for Queer Families: The Purim Superhero

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