Lazy Mom* DIY: Scribble Mugs


1) Purchase one or more Porcelaine markers. Amazon has a bunch of colors. The internet suggests buying bullet tip over fine tip, as it’s easier for toddlers to use.

2) Purchase one or more white ceramic mugs. I got mine cheap from Marshall’s, but there are probably even cheaper options. If you have a white mug in your house, that works too, as does really any form of white ceramic tableware. Bowls? Plates? Go wild!

3) Adequately protect your toddler and furniture. A paint smock and newspaper over the booster tray were used in our house.

4) Let toddler scribble away. I spun the mugs around a little, so that she would get all the sides. But really? It’s their masterpiece. Don’t worry about it! And remember, smudges add authenticity.

5) Allow the mugs to sit out for 24 hours without being touched.

6) Bake at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. Voila! You have a dishwasher-safe piece of original art – perfect for your morning tea, or gifting to toddler-art aficionados (aka, Grandparents).

*The lazy mom I’m referring to is me. You certainly don’t have to be a Mom to do this craft. Access to a toddler helps though. They are much better at scribbling than grown-ups.

Lazy Mom* DIY: Scribble Mugs