5 Years Ago

Five years ago today, on a scorching DC night I went to a bar to meet a friend. ALA was being held in DC and I had spent the day conferencing and had already been to one librarian happy hour. It was relatively late – around 11 PM, but I was younger then and the bar was across the street from my apartment, so I figured what the heck. I’d have one drink and then head on home to get some sleep.

I was chatting with my friend, drinking a vodka-cranberry, when this very cute girl walked into the bar. I noticed her. Of course. I had no plans to talk to her. I’m just not good at chatting up strangers. But then – miracle of miracles – she had gone to grad school with my friend. She came over to say hi. I tried not to make a complete fool of myself. She wandered off to talk to other friends. I was interviewed by a NY Times reporter about the hipness of librarians (Random!). I figured that was it. I had missed my shot at the cute girl because I was such a wimp.

But she came back! And when my friend went to the bathroom, she took over her seat and didn’t leave. We just kept talking. She bought me a drink. I tried to flirt a little. We shut down the bar. I had never before, and have never since, shut down a bar.

Outside the bar, we kept talking. Her friend, the DJ, was packing up. The girl said, so what now? And I thought, now we kiss. And for the first time in my life, I made the first move. It was worth it.

A few days later she flew home to Reno. I didn’t even wait a month before flying out to visit (for 9 days!) By December, she had found a job in DC and moved into my studio apartment. Three months after that we bought a house. And then, almost three years after that night at the bar, reader, I married her. At the beginning everything happened so fast that it seems almost crazy that it has now been FIVE years. Five amazingly happy years in which I have been luckier than I could have ever imagined. All from stopping by a bar on a hot summer night.

jami and me

5 Years Ago