Charlie Bucket, January 12, 2003 – March 27, 2015

jami and charlie

I wasn’t there for your beginning, but you were there for ours. Mine and Jami’s that is. Even before I met you, I was told that you were “a package deal”. With the cute girl came a handsome hound. I’d never had a dog before and I was a little nervous, but we got along fine. You made it clear that Jami was Numero Uno, but I was an acceptable substitute in the walking and feeding, snuggling and treat giving departments. Jami was your person, and you, in turn, were her constant through all the change of her mid-20s to mid-30s. A pretty great package.

And so 8 years ago, my package deal moved across the country and into my, now our, studio apartment.

We bought a house because of you. Because you needed, deserved, a yard, an outdoor space that was yours. (It’s a nice house. So thanks for that).

I never thought I would be a dog person. But I became a Charlie person. Just like with a child, I felt responsible for you before I loved you. But love you, I did. First I loved your warm body at the foot of our bed (under the covers of course) keeping us warm on winter nights. Then I loved your head on my lap when we sat on the sofa. I loved going for long walks with you, before Frances was born. Remember those? Back with the cemetery allowed dog walking? So many long walks with you while talking on the phone.

That love only grew after Frances was born. Because she loved you so much it was infectious. She delighted in you. You were The Best. You got her appeal slowly – once she started eating and spilling solids she suddenly became much more interesting. But even when she wasn’t a free food source, when she was climbing on you, hugging and loving you a little bit aggressively, you were so very good with her.

Our house feels very empty without you.


Charlie Bucket, January 12, 2003 – March 27, 2015


walter loves the dog bed.

Our beloved Walter went to kitty heaven a week ago today. He was 14 (we think) and had lived with Jami for 11 years, arriving unexpectedly and never leaving. He was the most loving cat I’ve ever met. He loved to be near you or on you. Within 5 minutes of meeting you, he would be on your lap, snuggling in. Everyone was his best friend. He loved open windows and would sit on the back of the couch, watching the world go by. He slept in my arms many nights, including the night before we had to put him to sleep – an absolutely heart-wrenching decision I have never had to make before. I am so grateful to his vet who was luckily working on a Saturday and who helped us understand what his kidney failure meant. He was the best cat, my own personal heater in winter, as energetic and happy-go-lucky as a kitten up to about a month before he died. It seems hard to believe that he’s gone.


Our Famous Hound

Snowy Basset Hound

We had quite the snowy weekend here in DC. Charles was in heaven; he loves being a snowy explorer. And now he’s famous for it – he’s the first pet pictured on this post from Prince of Petworth. Be sure to keep scrolling, our friends’ cat, Monty is the 7th picture down.

Walter quite agrees with Monty. He is not all about the snow. In fact, he much prefers warm weather as you can see here:

Walter at the window

Our Famous Hound