27 Weeks

27 Weeks

What’s New: The baby has a new trick – he or she has gotten long enough, that I can sometimes feel him or her on both sides of my stomach. It’s pretty neat. We also started our Childbirth class last week. There was a lot of “sharing” which is a little awkward, but also a little affirming. We have 7 more classes to go, and I’m hoping at the end we will both feel nice and prepared for labor and delivery. On the food front, my new favorite thing is roast broccoli and I’ve also developed a fondness for milk. I’m drinking about a cup a day (I started drinking milk again in the first trimester, but it has definitely picked up in the last month or so). On the symptom front, heartburn has become more frequent and it’s lasting longer, but it’s still not a daily occurence, which is good. I picked up some Tums at the supermarket today though, because I think it will only get worse from here.

Appointments I’ve Had: In the past month, I’ve had one endocrinology appointment (all is well with my thyroid) and one midwife appointment. It was my last every 4 weeks appointment, and now we switch to every two weeks. We’re getting there! I also had my gestational diabetes test, which wasn’t as nauseating as I feared (my friend told me to ask for the “red one” and it was fairly unobjectionable). Even better I passed, so no gestational diabetes here!

Preparations Completed: The crib has been purchased and assembled (by my lovely wife). We think the next must buy item is a car seat. We won’t be able to take the baby home without it!

Crib! Assembled!

Where I’ve Been: At the beginning of the month, I went down to Williamsburg to visit with my Grandma (who just turned 90 and lives there) and my Mom (who drove up from North Carolina for the visit). We also went down to Virginia Beach to see my sister, who lives there. It was so nice to see my family (my Grandma, in particular, I hadn’t seen since our wedding!) and catch up. My mom and I also did some outlet shopping while there and got me some more maternity clothes (It’s so nice to have clothes that fit) and the baby some cute outfits.

3 Generations (with 1 on the way)
What I’m Reading: I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth this month. Written by Ina May Garten, so is sort of the mother of modern American midwifery, the first half of the book consists of birth stories, the second of the lessons Garten has learned about childbirth. I thought I would find the birth stories cheesy, but I actually found them really empowering – “That lady had a 10 pound baby naturally, without so much as an episiotomy? I can totally do this!” Next up… books about breastfeeding!

27 Weeks

A Love Letter to the Second Trimester

Oh, second trimester, you have been so good to me. You took the stressed out, exhausted, nauseous woman I was, and turned me into a happy pregnant lady. Once you arrived I stopped worrying so much about miscarrying, and started feeling more confident in myself and our growing baby.

You are the trimester where I became visibly pregnant. It’s so weird to spend about half your pregnancy with no one knowing you are pregnant unless you tell them – but now… People ask when the baby is due, tell me Congratulations, offer me a seat on metro. It’s pretty great.

You are the trimester when I first felt the baby move – tentatively at first. Unsure of what I was really feeling, but then stronger and stronger until there is no mistaking what is going on. Until our baby’s little feet make my belly bounce. I hear that by the end these kicks may be painful, but right now I can’t get enough. Dance away, little baby.

You gave me more energy, I could tackle projects, cook dinner, stay up past 9. You took away my nausea. Food tastes good again and I want to eat it. It’s not that you were completely symptom free, there were those leg cramps in the first half of the trimester and that heartburn that has showed up in the second half, but even those were mild, nothing to write home about. You made me feel normal again, which is the best gift of all.

So thanks, second trimester, I will always treasure this time we had. You are just what I needed.

Love, me.

A Love Letter to the Second Trimester

23 Weeks

23 Weeks

It’s been a month since I did my last update, so there is lots of little stuff to report.

Appointments I’ve Had:In the past month, we’ve had an ultrasound (at 20 weeks) and a midwife appointment (at 22 weeks). It was fun to watch our “baby movie” (as Jami calls it) and see the little one moving around. We didn’t find out the sex, so it will be another 17 weeks or so before we find out if we have a son or daughter. This was our fourth midwife appointment, and we have now met all the midwives in the practice. The practice we go to delivers at GW Hospital and we will get whichever midwife is on duty when I go into labor, so I’m glad we’ve made it through once (although of course, we have plenty more appointments to go). Even better, I’ve liked all the midwives, so I’ll be happy with whoever is on duty!

How We’re Preparing: This month was spent starting the transition of guest room into baby’s room. We moved out all the furniture and non-baby items, and this week, the contractor came and skimmed the walls (the previous owner had used textured paint and the walls were very rough) and painted. Now the room is looking great and ready for us to start filling up with furniture and other baby stuff. I bought the fabric for the baby’s quilt and cut out the pieces, but haven’t gotten around to sewing it together yet. Still have some time though, thank goodness!

What I’m Wearing: At this point, I’m in maternity clothes almost exclusively (there are few pre-pregnancy skirts, dresses, and tops that still fit). I’m very lucky because my friend and neighbor lent me all of her maternity clothes, so that forms the bulk of my wardrobe. I have bought a few things though – some pants and a little black maternity dress. It’s nice to have clothes that fit and you feel good in.

How I’m Feeling: Awesome. Seriously, I love the second trimester. I have my normal energy back, and while I’m definitely expanding, I’m not uncomfortable yet. I’ll trying to really enjoy this time, since I know the third trimester will be a little harder.

What I’m Eating: Our midwives have a pretty strict (but normal) diet they want you to follow – lots of vegetables (especially greens), beans, eggs, whole grains, etc, and I’m trying to follow that as best I can, but my sweet tooth (which totally disappeared in the first trimester) is definitely back and my love of white carbs (especially pasta and pizza) hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m not denying myself, but I am trying to make sure I’m balancing things out and not only eating treats.

Where I’ve Been: Last weekend, we had our “babymoon” at the Homestead (which is resort in Western Virginia). It was nice to get away and spend a little quality time together, and there was lots to do. In the 3 days we were there we swam in the pool heated by the local mineral springs, got spa treatments (pedicure for me, massage for Jami), went canoeing on the Jackson river, did the history tour of the resort (because we are big dorks like that), and ate a lot of good food. I think my favorite thing was the afternoon tea that they served in the lobby every afternoon. I could definitely get used to that.

What I’m Reading: In addition to the books I was reading before, I started Your Baby and Child by Penelope Leach this month. Our doula recommended a number of books, and she said that one thing that most parents wished they’d done more reading about was babies/early childhood, so I’m trying to make sure I’m prepared not just for the pregnancy, but for what comes after. So far I find the book really helpful. Now I just need to start reading about childbirth (now that I have fewer weeks left to be pregnant than I have been pregnant, it seems like I should start thinking about how this baby is going to get out of here) and breastfeeding.

23 Weeks

19 Weeks

I have been giving my weeks of pregnancy themes lately: Week 16 was “The Week Where My Clothes Still Fit, But Not the Way They Used To”, Week 17 was “The Week I Went a Little Crazy, and Thought my Bladder was my Uterus and the Baby Hadn’t Grown in a Month”, Week 18 was “The Week I Thought the Baby was Perfect (For Having a Heatbeat We Heard Right Away on the Doppler)”. Week 19 has now been dubbed “The Week The Earth Moved”. Experiencing my first earthquake* while pregnant will make a good story for baby-to-be someday!

19 weeks

I’m still wearing my regular clothes, but I’m definitely expanding. I have to use the Bella Bands to wear pants, but dresses and skirts still mostly fit.

I’m also still LOVING the second trimester. More energy, less nausea? Yes! I’m still feeling comfortable and moving pretty normally (running to catch the metro, etc, which I’m sure will end at some point).

My appetite has definitely returned. Favorite fruit of the second trimester is definitely watermelon. I eat it most days. Favorite comfort food is grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve had three in the last two weeks.

The big excitement is that I am now feeling the baby kick. It’s still really light, can’t be felt from the outside, but inside it’s like this little bubble popping. I started feeling this is in the middle of week 17, but I wasn’t sure that’s what I was feeling. After a week and a half of the same (occasional) feeling though, I’m accepting that it is the baby and it’s pretty awesome.

Next week we have our 20 week ultrasound and will get to see the baby for (probably) the last time before he or she is born. I can’t wait!

*I was born in San Francisco and we didn’t move until I was 2, so I’m sure I had been in an earthquake before yesterday, but I don’t remember them.

19 Weeks